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ECafe is a popular café chain in Saudi Arabia and we are member of Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). We provide our customers with coffee drinks and other coffee-derived products. ECafe has built the reputation of carefully processing and preparing our own coffee. ECafe has stringently followed this philosophy of business to make sure that our customers receive the best product and service available. Our ambition goes beyond preparing and scrutinizing our selection of our raw material to educating both our employees and customers. We make sure that our baristas follow the latest and most appropriate business practices in dealing with preparing the drinks and dealing with customers.

We import our green coffee beans from variety of countries like : Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Kenya. We do not import just any coffee. We import specialty grade coffee which means it should be higher than 17/18. After getting the coffee to our warehouses, our well trained employees start roasting and mixing coffees to make our special blend of coffee that we are famous for.

Our standard business conduct is to provide our customers freshly roasted coffee. We try to make sure that all our branches use coffee within less than a week of roasting; this makes sure that coffee is at top most taste and did not lose any of its vital nutrition

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