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Brewing equipment should be free of contamination and odour. Roasted and ground coffee contains oils that are released when hot water is added. These oils often mix with steam and settle on the undersides of the brewing equipment. The oils become stale and sometimes sour. Whether the brewed coffee receptacle is a glass bowl, vacuum flask or a stainless steel container, it should be rinsed between uses.



Good fresh water, that is free from foreign taste and odour such as chlorine, should be used. Water, which has been previously boiled, should be avoided, as should water from a hot tap. It should never be forgotten that the brewed coffee is about 1% coffee-soluble material and 99% water, and that the quality of the water used in preparing coffee is of the greatest importance.

Coffee should never be boiled. To achieve the correct results, it is necessary to begin the procedure with water just below boiling point. Proper water temperature is about 90° C and 95° C when the water is first in contact with the ground coffee. Water temperatures of 80° C and 84° C respectively, are ideal for holding beverage coffee.


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