Espresso is nothing more than coffee that is brewed a certain way. It is finely ground to almost a powdery consistency then almost boiling hot water is forced through the grounds under intense pressure.

This brewing process is timed so that the flavorful and aromatic oils are extracted from the coffee and not the bitter components. The results are a full-flavored, strong but not bitter, concentrated shot of coffee.


We also consider the coffee itself. First of all, freshness is of paramount concern. The grind is probably the most important component of a great shot. We make it so fine that it has the consistency of a slightly gritty powder.Also the time that water is in contact with the ground coffee is critical. The coarseness of the grind will determine how fast the water passes through during brewing. The finer the grind, the more time it takes the water to be forced through the grounds. Water flows through a layer of sand slower that through rocks. If the shot brews too quickly, the espresso will be under-extracted resulting in a weak structure. Too slow, and it will be over-extracted, and bitter. The temperature of the water and the portafilter basket must be high in order to fully extract the oils from the grounds. The compaction of the grounds is known as the tamp. This is accomplished with a round, weighted tool that is flat on the bottom and is also referred to as a tamp.


Our ideal brewing time for a 1 oz. single shot of espresso is about 22 seconds from the time the brew button is pressed. After about a half an ounce, a layer is forming on top that is light brown in color. This layer is called crema. Crema is a fine celled foam of oils that have the best taste and aromatic properties of the coffee. The perfect shot of espresso has a layer of crema that is thick, consistent in color and remains intact for at least a couple of minutes before settling.
Another thing to observe during extraction is its color. Initially the color will be light brown in color. That is all what we care about at ECafe when preparing your perfect shot of espresso.



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