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The type of coffee grind that is used is important in order to properly match the type of brewing method that will be used. The objective is to get the most flavor out of your ground gourmet coffee beans when infused with hot water. The fast rule of thumb is the faster the infusion the finer the grind.

The various grind categories are "fine," "medium" and "coarse." The finer grinds don't need to be in contact with water for as long as the coarser grinds. The coarsest grind is used in the classic pot method, the plunger and drip coffee filter methods require coarser grinds. The espresso brewing method needs the least amount of time and requires the grind to be very fine.



If you tried using an espresso grind in your drip filter machine, the water will take much longer to filter through and the flavor will not improve. If you would like to make a stronger or weaker brew it is easier to just add or reduce the amount of ground coffee than to vary the grind.

It cannot be emphasized more that grinding coffee immediately before brewing makes a huge difference in the freshness of your coffee. The effective life of ground coffee is only a few days after grinding. Oxygen and moister in the air quickly deteriorates ground coffee as it oxidizes and looses its flavor. That is why we here at ECafe' grinds the beans just before serving your cup of coffee.



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